Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability Management ilicomm Technology Solutions

Vulnerability Management


How ilicomm can help your business

ilicomm’s vulnerability assessment programme will not only reveal as yet un-diagnosed problems but will highlight weaknesses and recommend the explicit technical controls required to mitigate the risk to a level acceptable to you.


‘According to the new Breach Level Index, in 2017, the number of data records compromised in publicly disclosed data breaches surpassed 2.5 billion, up 88% from 2016.’


Your peace of mind

New vulnerabilities appear daily, making you vulnerable to opportunistic attacks.  ilicomm’s cost-effective vulnerability assessment programme provides you with assurance that valuable data is protected and remains consistently protected.


Why do customers continue to choose ilicomm?

  • Highly accurate scanning with low false positives
  • Comprehensive scanning capabilities and features
  • Easy deployment
  • Low cost/high value with consultant-led reviews
  • Offline configuration auditing of network devices
  • Cloud: Scans the configuration of cloud applications like Salesforce and cloud instances like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace
  • Web application scanning and access controls
  • Threats: Process/anti-virus auditing, detect viruses, malware, backdoors, hosts communicating with botnet-infected systems, known/unknown processes, web services linking to malicious content

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Vulnerability Management ilicomm Technology Solutions

Sign up for a free* vulnerability scan


We recognise that this is a very real and current threat to businesses; so we are offering a completely free system scan.

Our accredited security experts will identify vulnerabilities in your system to determine how prone your business is to an attack.


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