Traceable data ‘stolen from fetish forum’

May 12th, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

A hardcore fetish web forum has been hacked, with more than 100,000 accounts exposed, according to a prominent security researcher.

Troy Hunt runs Have I Been Pwned?, a database of stolen user accounts dedicated to informing victims.

The data from the latest breach, which includes email addresses, usernames, IP addresses and passwords, reveals sexual proclivities people may not want known.

It included government and military email addresses, Mr Hunt said.

The site had been using out-of-date software that had made the hack attack fairly simple, he said.

“It took advantage of a common vulnerability using an SQL injection,” Mr Hunt said.

A SQL injection is a type of security exploit in which an attacker adds structured query language (SQL) code to a web form, allowing them to send requests to databases that could allow them to download the entire database.

According to Mr Hunt, 37% of the accounts were already listed on Have I Been Pwned?

The Have I Been Pwned? database currently contains more than 345 million hacked accounts from more than 100 websites.

None of them is publicly viewable.

Instead, it acts as a notification site for users who think their data may have been breached.

They enter their email address to find out whether their account is among those hacked.

In this particular case, Mr Hunt said the exposure of data could be particularly sensitive because of the nature of the site.

“This is a forum where you would think people would want to stay private, but people were using traceable emails or even corporate emails,” Mr Hunt told the BBC.

He advised people who wanted to visit such sites to consider taking steps to remain anonymous.

“Create an email account and make up a name and use something like the Tor browser so the IP address can’t be traced back to you,” he added.

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