Tesla updates software after car hack

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Tesla updates software after car hack ilicomm Technology Solutions

Tesla has updated its software after researchers from China hacked into the operating system of its electric cars.

The team from Keen Security Lab remotely manipulated the brake system on a Tesla while it was on the move, from a distance of 12 miles (19km).

Using a laptop, the hackers also managed to open a car door without using a key.

Tesla has updated its software to prevent anyone else from manipulating its cars.

The hack took place after months of research and the team from Keen Security Lab posted a video of their efforts earlier this week on YouTube.

During the experiment a hacker took control of a vehicle from the passenger seat, while someone else was behind the wheel.

Using a laptop, he was able to adjust the rear-view mirror while the driver was changing lanes. The hacker also managed to open the trunk remotely, while the car was on the move.

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