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E3: Do you back the tortoise or the hare?

June 15th, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

Every year at E3, the video game Expo held in Los Angeles, people like to declare a “winner”. Who, of the two console-gaming big guns, had the most impressive show? I don’t think we’ll know who won 2016 for at least another few years. Only then, will we be able to accurately judge who played […]

E3: Microsoft unveils Xbox One S and teases Project Scorpio

June 14th, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

Microsoft has revealed a slimmer version of its Xbox One console, the Xbox One S, which will launch in August. The firm also announced another new console, Project Scorpio, which will offer virtual reality and 4K gaming. It will be released by Christmas 2017 but no details of a price were given. The Xbox One […]

How to Watch TV Through Your Xbox One, Even Without Cable

June 6th, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

Microsoft has downplayed the Xbox One’s TV features since its launch, but the Xbox One still offers useful TV integration. It’s even been enhanced: You no longer need a cable or satellite subscription to watch TV. You can watch TV for free with an antenna. If you have an Xbox One, you should seriously consider […]

The Best Xbox Features in Windows 10 (Even If You Don’t Own an Xbox)

April 27th, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

Windows 10 includes an Xbox app and other Xbox-related features. Many of these features are useful even if you’ve never owned an Xbox in your life, and one of these features is even useful for Windows 10 users who never play games. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has attempted Xbox integration with Windows. Microsoft tried that […]

PSA: You Should Unpack and Update Game Consoles Before Christmas

December 17th, 2015 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

The last thing you want on Christmas Day is for your kids to be unable to play the game console they’ve waited so long to enjoy. Read on as we highlight why you need to pre-game your console gift giving experience. Why Do I Want To Do This? If you’re not a gamer yourself you […]

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