Stay Cyber Safe this COVID-19 Christmas: Top Tips and Guidance

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Stay Cyber Safe this COVID-19 Christmas: Top Tips and Guidance ilicomm Technology Solutions

The festive season is around the corner and the big day is within touching distance. 2020 has been a very different year for us all and Christmas is following suit; turning traditional high street shoppers towards online purchases. COVID-19 has affected many of us in different ways and its relentless journey to disrupt has bestowed more opportunity to cybercriminals in this already lucrative time of year.


The team at ilicomm has put together some guidance and top tips to guide you safely through this festive spending period. Read on folks, arm yourself with the digital knowledge to tackle cyber crime.

Stay Cyber Safe this COVID-19 Christmas: Top Tips and Guidance ilicomm Technology Solutions
According to the NSCS (National Cyber Security Centre) during the last festive period, victims of online shopping fraud in England and Wales lost an average of £775 each! 17,405 reports of online shopping fraud, reporting a loss of £13.5 million.

NSCS Shopping Online Securely

NCSC recommends to Protect yourself by…

adopting these six behaviours to protect your online accounts and devices.

  1. Use a strong and separate password for your email
  2. Create strong passwords using 3 random words
  3. Save your passwords in your browser
  4. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)
  5. Update your devices and apps
  6. Back up your data

Top Tips for your Christmas Spending

Stay Cyber Safe from the ilicomm Team

Shop, Shop, shop

If something seems too much of a bargain, it’s probably poor quality or doesn’t even exist. Always check payment pages are secure and log out when you’ve finished shopping online.

Pay by Credit Card

Credit cards provide protection if things go wrong with a purchase. If the goods don’t show up or are faulty, and cost more than £100, Section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act means you can claim the money back.

Using public Wi-Fi – no!

Out and about, never use free Wi-Fi hotspots when what you’re doing is private. They are extremely vulnerable.

Social Media Offers

WhatsApp links to amazing discounts or offers are often too good to be true. Free iPad or flight on Facebook? Really! Don’t click on these links – ignore or delete.

Just the Ticket

Buying gig or event tickets as a gift, or for yourself? To avoid fraud, buy only from official sources, and never pay by direct transfer.

Fake Customer Reviews

Amazon, eBay, and Trip Advisor reviews are a go-to for many of us. Among the genuine reviews, there are millions of fakes. Be suspicious of similarly worded reviews or if they are all new. 

Smart Devices

Just like a smartphone, laptop or PC, smart devices can be hacked to leave your data and privacy at risk. Very rarely, devices have been controlled by somebody else managing the device as reported in this article by the BBC.

Children’s GPS and Fitness trackers article on the BBC News


Top 3 tips for you Xmas Smart Devices.

  • Change Default Passwords – Some devices may be insecure when they are first switched on, so you’ll need to take some quick steps to protect yourself. Passwords are often defaulted to 00000 or admin, for example – easily guessable!
  • Two-factor Authentication – Turn it on, as this provides an extra layer of protection by ‘double checking’ that you really are that person you claim to be. 
  • Regular Updates – Keep your device updated by switching on auto updates, manual updated when prompted and endure your device’s operating system is up to date.

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