Speed Thrills

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Speed Thrills ilicomm Technology Solutions

Young people have been brought up on high speed internet and instant load times. They don’t know any different. During some volunteer time, I recently spent with children at schools, you learn to understand both their proficiency with technical products and their lack of knowledge of the history of commonly used devices.


Anyone of an age to remember the first days of the Internet and dial up modems, will recoil at the memory of downloading files and loading websites. Products are now built to be convenient. To better process, assist and excite us. This wasn’t always the case.

The first .com crash put the internet in a precarious position, yet it proved to be a shadow that it would triumphantly emerge out from. The world’s biggest and most innovative companies are either deeply ingrained in the internet or cut their teeth on it, using it as the preferred vehicle to grow their market penetration.

That technology drive and an understanding that having a national infrastructure to support commerce, resulted in a large government program building faster connections at a far more cost-effective price point.

Speed quickened. Usain Bolt provided his endorsement and companies who previously had to manage with slow internet speeds suddenly found the speed of their systems had dramatically increased.

With great speed comes great possibilities. Here at ilicomm, we provide the lines and cabling into businesses, helping them reduce telephony costs with a new system and allowing them the ability to run innovative bespoke software, streamlining their operation.

We’ve come a long way fast. And things are only going to get faster, here on in.

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William Taffee | ilicomm Technology



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