Mini Security Operations Centre

SAT NAV for Security

Navigate the maze of security products and services with ilicomm.

ilicomm are excited to announce the launch of our new mini-SOC (Security Operations Centre) service for Managed Service Providers.

SME customers are experiencing Cyber fatigue,  where the same old messages are trotted out in the same “it could happen to you” approach: fear, uncertainty and doubt; lists of statistics; loss projections; how many fines this year, then add in endless graphics of hoodie-wearing hackers.

Research shows the same old chestnuts being raised by customers:

Mini Security Operations Centre ilicomm Technology Solutions

NOT one of these! ….but a Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our agile, service is targeted at MSP’s that do not have extensive (and expensive!) cyber resources.

Our white labelled suite of security management, monitoring and analysis services lifts opportunities out of the noise, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value tasks that emerge from that analysis. 


  • Completely white-labelled – Service desk answers as your company
  • Real-world security metrics for customer in days – Have a conversation about what IS happening instead of what MIGHT be happening
  • Complements, not contradicts your existing services
  • Accessible, capped price point
  • Rapid, easy deployment model
  • Integration with your ticketing system
  • Supported by humans! ilicomm puts experienced security analysts at the core of the service
  • Canned and customisable reports
Mini Security Operations Centre ilicomm Technology Solutions

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