Managed Security Services

ilicomm currently provide scalable, outsourced monitoring and management services designed to quickly prevent, detect and respond to threats. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-malware services.

With over 25 years experience in designing solutions in both fast-paced retail environments through to heavily regulated industries, rest assured that our solutions can be tailored to your requirement and risk appetite – from a reactive Technical Resource Management approach, right through to a proactive 24/7 SOC service.

Let ilicomm work with you to reduce the number of expensive operational security personnel you need to hire, train and retain.

Allowing you to focus on your core business, whilst we focus on ours.

Managed Security Services ilicomm Technology Solutions


Cyber threats are on the increase and becoming more hostile than ever. Protecting your organisation from these kinds of threats require a reactive and proactive approach. Here at ilicomm technology, we can provide in-depth threat intelligence and a highly flexible managed security service.
Managed Security Services ilicomm Technology Solutions

FREE Deep Email Threat Protection

Submerges deeper into your inbox, detecting real threats to your business
It’s FAST & FREE and typically completes within 24 hours. Don’t miss this free offer, register today.
Managed Security Services ilicomm Technology Solutions

Mini-SOC for Managed Service Providers

Sat Nav for Security - Navigate the maze of Cyber Services
Our white labelled suite of security management, monitoring and analysis services lifts opportunities out of the noise, allowing your staff to focus on higher value tasks that emerge from that analysis.
Managed Security Services ilicomm Technology Solutions

Endpoint Security

Endpoint protection for your business
ilicomm Technology provide a managed service allowing you to secure every endpoint of your network; from laptops, virtual desktops and servers, web and email traffic and mobile devices.
Managed Security Services ilicomm Technology Solutions

Vulnerability Management

Sophisticated hacking tools are now cheap or free
Complex, state-funded hacking tools are sliding down the food chain, making them readily available to individuals or groups with little or no technical expertise, but with a point to make.

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