Pay with your palm? Fujitsu develop biometric tech for walletless payments

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Pay with your palm? Fujitsu develop biometric tech for walletless payments ilicomm Technology Solutions

Japanese tech companies Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech have released two new biometric authentication products, the Fujitsu Biometric Authentication PalmSecure-F Pro and the Fujitsu Biometric Authentication Palm Vein Authentication Board, which can be embedded to equipments.

Fujitsu claims that the products have higher identification accuracy and offer greater functionality for identifying individuals from a huge data base of palm vein registered users.

The hardware comes along with embedded software application to devices with embedded-type operating systems.

According to the company, the embedded software in these two products makes it easier for implementing them in a wide range of products and places including multifunction copiers, residences, room access devices, vaults, lockers and vehicles.

Fujitsu and its partner said they are working on new markets for palm vein authentication for ‘walletless’ payment system that can replace cash and plastic cards.

The company claims that the palm vein authentication, one of the leading technologies in biometric system, uses the unique patterns of veins in the palm for identification. It further claims that this technology is highly accurate and very difficult to forge.

According to Fujitsu, the technology is presently being employed to verify customers at Bank ATMs, for PC access in companies and for room access in hotels.

Fujitsu says that the new product uses sophisticated technology for extraction of only the data required or palm authentication image capture. The new technology also decreases the false rejection rates to about 0.01% and false acceptance rates are less than 0.00001%.

Fujitsu’s new products are very small, about a square inch in width and half-a square inch in thickness. It has been claimed that the new product is five times quicker than its previous model, which has shortened the image capture period and limited image blur.

The products have also been designed to work under extreme weather conditions. While the previous model could work between 0° to -60°C and the new model can work at temperatures between -40°C-85°C.


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