Microsoft Graph promises open developer access to Office 365 data

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Microsoft Graph promises open developer access to Office 365 data ilicomm Technology Solutions

For Microsoft it’s all about unification. In the hands of developers, the graph’s unified API promises not just an endpoint for building in Office 365 and other software integrations, but a starting point for new intelligent interactions.

According to Microsoft GM of Office Extensibility Rob Lefferts, the graph represents a gateway to intelligence and insight capable of harnessing user data to solve everyday problems. From common queries like “what files do I need for this meeting,” to more complex requests dealing with user trends and customized insights, developers can tailor their app or service as they see fit without jumping through hoops.

“It would be our reimagining of what it means to be productive in a modern world,” Lefferts says, referring to solutions mobile, cross-platform and cloud-integrated solutions. “The way that people work has changed, it’s much more connected, people are more collaborative.”

Microsoft’s data pool is deep. Lefferts says some 500 petabytes of information already live in Microsoft’s cloud, with Office 365 users generating 4 trillion emails and creating 850 million meetings every month. The number of data points is bound to increase once currently siloed Office 365 information is offloaded to the graph. The company is even looking into Skype integration.

Access to rich data is the bedrock of intelligent analytics, where another prong of Microsoft Graph comes in. The Redmond software giant uses advanced machine learning algorithms fed by data and user behavior to dish out query responses in a format familiar to developers. Secure access to client activities — documents, contacts, meetings, etc. — is authorized through a single token, meaning apps don’t have to fetch multiple authorizations for different services.

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