Deciding on the right ICT services for your education establishment is a major decision.  We can offer you access to a wealth of experts who have extensive knowledge in the key areas that affect your organisation, ensuring that ilicomm’s services portfolio aligns with the learning objectives of schools across the UK.  The ilicomm team recognise the need for schools to have a wide choice and greater flexibility in the technology services they use to give learning establishments the freedom to drive educational attainment and free the resources of over-stretched departments.  ilicomm’s ICT services are continually evolving to meet the needs of our customers.  Below is an indication of some of the services that we can offer:


Asset Tagging

The ilicomm team can apply customised asset tags and create an asset log, helping to take control of assets and provide a record of each one, helping to track, manage and upgrade the assets of organisations in the most cost-effective way.


Hardware Configuration

A school’s ICT resources are often deployed in hardware and configuration builds on both data centre hardware and client systems.  The ilicomm hardware configuration service provides built and pre-configured individual and multiple client, servers and storage systems to an organisations chosen specifications.



Carrying out a technology deployment can present a number of challenges, from physically locating the equipment, to unpacking, setting up, powering on and connecting to a network.  The ilicomm installation service deploys systems and devices to the desk efficiently and ready to use.


Warranty & Support Services

ICT systems are part of a school’s investment in success.  In order to get the most from these assets, a warranty and support programme throughout the systems lifecycle is increasingly important.  ilicomm warranty services allow your establishment to tailor support to the schools needs.  The ilicomm support infrastructure can accommodate a wide array of services throughout the UK, from simple extended warranty periods, through to critical 24/7 SLA’s.  This allows ICT departments to focus their resources on what is critical to the smooth running of their learning environment.

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