Handheld ZX Spectrum Vega+ project announced on Indiegogo

February 17th, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »
Handheld ZX Spectrum Vega+ project announced on Indiegogo ilicomm Technology Solutions

The firm which recently re-launched classic games console the ZX Spectrum has announced a portable version of the device.

Sir Clive Sinclair, who created the original Spectrum, owns a stake in Retro Computers – the firm behind the refreshed versions of his console.

The Indiegogo project for the handheld Vega+ has already raised £44,780 ($31,000) of its £100,000 funding goal.

The Vega+ will come with 1,000 games if successfully funded.

On the Indiegogo product page for the project, Retro Computers explains that the device will feature an LCD screen but may also be connected to a TV.

The company adds that development of the product is complete and that a “fully working prototype” is ready to go into production – with units shipping as early as this summer.

“They obviously believe that there is room for retro gaming but at the same time people don’t like necessarily sitting in front of TVs all the time to play games,” said Stuart Miles, editor of gadget site Pocket-lint.

“By making it portable, it broadens it out to the same audience that would have played Gameboys years ago.”

Mr Miles added, though, that “sometimes nostalgia for classic games was not always satisfied when they are played again.

Sometimes you’re reminded how basic these games were,” he told the BBC.


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