Five Great Reasons To Switch To Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

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Five Great Reasons To Switch To Hosted VoIP Phone Systems ilicomm Technology Solutions

In business, communication is everything. Many organisations lose time, money and clients through frustrating, outdated communication systems.

However, an increasingly popular business service is hosted VoIP phone systems which use the internet to transmit and manage phone calls. To free up staff time and resources, a hosted VoIP takes the stress away from the business, as the management and investment into equipment is the responsibility of the hosted VoIP provider. So, is it the right solution for your business?

Go global for cheaper

If you are looking to expand your business or already conduct many international calls, then the telephone rates may quickly add up. Calls across the internet are a fraction of the cost for the company, meaning you can talk for longer, giving clients your time and patience, without the worry of call charges.

Future Proofing

Avoid the costly investments of regularly purchasing and maintaining expensive communication technology. Your hosted VoIP provider will ensure you have the necessary equipment and services that serve your business now and in the future.

Pay For What You Need

Hosted VoIP systems are designed to grow alongside your business. With a provider, you are in control as the business and can tailor your service to be scalable and flexible to coincide with the development of your business. This can make it much more cost competitive and aligns with your budget.

Instant Communication

With exceptional reliability and no limits, hosted VoIP makes it easy to keep in touch with customers and clients. With quality VoIP, it makes it easier for collaborations and remote working to suit the demands of the business. The connectivity of the system means workers can be reached through a switchboard wherever they are.

Instant Communication

Regardless of where your employees or business moves to, you have one phone number that does not need to rely on your geographic location. Having a number that doesn’t change helps to instill trust in customers that you are a reliable business that isn’t going anywhere, even if your office does move.

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