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All educational establishments are expected to work to and attain very high standards, even though they have been given greater control to manage themselves.  The UK education sector may have more freedom of choice and more autonomy, but quality expectations are always high, whether the curriculum, teaching practices or school premises and equipment are being evaluated. 

When it comes to IT resources, these need to not only be readily available but up to date and able to cope with the latest demands in technology.  If students have great IT equipment and software at home, parents will expect this to be replicated at school.  Even the youngest children are now IT literate and are ready to start dealing with a keyboard from an early age.

Allocating funds efficiently

The problem is of course that the education sector has huge requirements when it comes to IT but they often have limited resources to apply to them.  With quality standards being tightened up by the authorities and budgets being forever stretched, schools need to pay more and more attention to the efficiency of their IT departments and their careful allocation of funds. Very often when inspections take place, use of technology can be seen as a fundamental benchmark of performance.  Get it wrong and statistics can suffer when it comes to league tables. 

An endless choice of products

So what can schools and colleges/universities do when they are frequently faced with an endless choice of products and software solutions?  By working alongside a highly experienced and professional IT provider such as ilicomm, challenges can be tackled as soon as they appear and the establishment can be confident of the decisions made when they are able to make fact based and cost effective decisions.  

Hardware & Software ilicomm Technology Solutions

So how can ilicomm help?

We provide a full IT solution and are able to design, install and manage a great range of products for schools and educational establishments.  These can vary according to the requirements of each customer, but here are just a few things that we have helped with in the past:

  • Computers: desktops, laptops and tablets
  • Servers (both tower and rack mounted), storage devices, Network Attached Storage (NAS) Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Switches for networks
  • Full wireless solutions with heat maps to access the best access point locations
  • Structured cabling including CAT5, CAT6 and fibre technologies
  • All Microsoft licences, anti-virus packages and Office 365 hosting
  • A full range of interactive products such as Whiteboards, flat panels, projectors and audio-visual equipment
  • Back-up solutions off site, created to suit individual requirements
  • Hand-held voting devices
  • All accessories including laptop bags, keyboards, computer mice, monitors and stationery
  • Trolleys to make relocation of tablets and mobile computers safe and easy
  • Visualizers
  • Internet connections including ADSL, ADSL2, Broadband and FTTC
  • Fully hosted telephony systems
  • Extended warranties to cover PCs, laptops, servers and storage devices
  • Full IT support and assistance for projects

Whatever your IT demands comprise, let us help.  No project is too big or too small and our professional and friendly staff are always on hand to assist.

Get in touch now and find out just how much we can enable your school or college to purchase cost effectively and efficiently when it comes to your IT requirements.

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