Detection of mobile ransomware up 200 per cent in Q2

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Detection of mobile ransomware up 200 per cent in Q2 ilicomm Technology Solutions

Software security provider Quick Heal Technologies said detection of mobile ransomware rose 200% in the second quarter this year, which is nearly half of all detection’s in the last year combined.

In its second quarter threat report for 2016, Quick Heal also expects threats on social networking sites to increase, even as ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) continued to grow as a trend.

“In RaaS, malware authors sell ransomware along with a customisable kit through the online black market. Interested people can register and download them for free or a nominal fee,” it said. One of the common methods to inject ransomware into people’s computer systems was found to be “potentially unwanted programmes” (PUA) and adware, which is advertising supported software that renders advertisements to generate revenue for the authors.

“PUA and adware are suspected to be laced with destructive functionalities, including damaging or crashing boot sector records of infected computers,” the report said.  A PUA typically is a programme that contains adware, installs toolbars or has other unclear objectives on a given device or system.

The report also found a rise in Windows phone malware in the quarter, while PUAs grew 5% in second quarter from the first quarter of the year. Another area of concern with respect to online threats is banking malware.

With mobile internet banking on the rise and almost all banks developing dedicated apps for banking, hackers are looking to leverage this as a lucrative opportunity to trick users.

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