Common IT Security Mistakes

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Are Your Workers Making these Common IT Security Mistakes?


Despite only 27% of UK businesses having a formal cyber security policy in place, 43% of companies have suffered a cyber security breach in the last 12 months. What’s more, negligent employees are the biggest threat to cyber security for small to medium-sized enterprises. With your employees being the biggest cause for concern, what common IT security mistakes are your workers making?

Three Most Common IT Mistakes Made by Users


1. Using the Same Password

Many people both in the workplace and at home will use the same passwords for multiple accounts. The problem is that if a hacker can access one password, the they have access to all accounts for widespread distribution. This may be even more problematic for software that saves your account details such as credit card information.

However, with only 42% of businesses having a password policy in place, it may be time to implement a policy and remind users of good password practices.


2. Trusting emails

Scam emails are still prevalent. In fact, phishing attacks are on the rise because of their hugely profitable nature. Spear phishing can be difficult for employees to figure out because they use a personalised approach to gather sensitive information. Furthermore, Intel believes that 97% of people would be unable to identify a sophisticated phishing attack.

Training on phishing could be essential to limit the chance of cyber attacks through email.


3. Complacency

Many employees adopt a common misconception that a hacker wouldn’t target them or the business they work for. Employees often believe hackers only target the big corporations, perhaps because these stories are more prominent in the news. However, when employees have a complacent attitude, they may forget they have access to a wealth of valuable company data that is vulnerable to an attack.

With this complacency, employees may not understand the importance of software updates and try to put off updates where possible. This approach can significantly compromise the security of the business as hackers will often seek out of date flaws in software.

To keep your employees from making the same IT security mistakes, regular training and team communication are essential to keep cybersecurity at the forefront of the business.

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