Benefits of Upgrading your SonicWALL TZ205/215 Firewall

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1. Faster performance to meet the demands of modern-day threat processing
The Benefit: Having more and faster processors allows the TZ300 to process network traffic
more quickly delivering better overall performance needed for modern-day threat
The Difference: The TZ300 has higher speed MHz processors compared with MHz processors
in the TZ 205 and TZ 215.

2. Faster deep packet inspection (DPI) performance
The Benefit: With increased network bandwidth requirements from IT trends such as apps,
video streaming and social media, a faster DPI performance firewall provides a secure
network without performance degradation. Having a faster DPI performance firewall
provides organisations with a greater capacity to utilize higher internet speeds and support
more concurrent users.
The Difference: The TZ300 offers significantly faster DPI performance than the TZ 205 (up to
7.5x) and TZ 215 (up to 5x).

3. More concurrent connections to support increased simultaneous user sessions
The Benefit: Having a higher number of concurrent connections provides greater scalability
by enabling more simultaneous user sessions to be active and tracked by the firewall.
The Difference: The TZ300 enables a much larger number of concurrent connections per
second and deep packet inspection connections compared with the TZ 205 and TZ 215.

4. More SSL VPN clients for an increased number of remote users connecting to the business location
The Benefit: Modern-day trends of mobility and BYOD require companies to provide their
employees with secure access to data anytime and anywhere. A larger number of secure
VPN connections is essential to support the increasing number of remote users.
The Difference: The TZ300 enables 5x SSL VPN clients as the TZ 205 and TZ 215 (50 vs. 10).

5. Increased business growth with wider WiFi access coverage and higher performance with 802.11ac
The Benefit: The option to connect a larger number of wireless access points to a single
firewall enables organizations to extend their wireless network farther without purchasing
additional hardware. Multiple access points installed across a store location helps with
increased wireless coverage and enhanced customer experience. New 802.11ac wireless
provides 3x the speed over 802.11n standard (1.3Gbps vs. 450Mbps).
The Difference: TZ300 supports a greater number of connected SonicPoint wireless access
points than the TZ 205 (8/16 vs. 2). TZ300 supports the 802.11ac wireless standard for
increased performance vs. TZ 205 and TZ 215 (802.11n).

6. Reduced IT support costs with more SSO users
The Benefit: The single sign-on feature improves employee productivity and reduces IT
support costs by enabling users to gain access to connected systems with a single ID and
The Difference: The TZ300 enables twice the population of users (500 vs. 250) to benefit
from the use of a single sign-on feature.

7. Improved performance and security through additional virtual LANs (VLANs)
The Benefit: The ability to create a greater number of VLANs enables organisations to
segment users and devices into additional groups, improving performance and security
while reducing hardware costs.

8. Reduced IT costs to support encrypted traffic inspection
The Benefit: The 2016 Security Annual Threat Report found increased encrypted traffic,
leading to more under-the-radar hacks. Deep packet inspection of encrypted traffic (SSL/
TLS) is mandatory for businesses of all sizes.
The Difference: The TZ300 includes the license (by default) to inspect encrypted traffic at no
additional cost thereby reducing the capital expense. The TZ 205 and TZ 215 do not support
inspection of encrypted traffic.

9. Increased security against advanced threats through SonicWALL Capture
The Benefit: Advanced threats are on the rise affecting all businesses. SonicWALL Capture, a
cloud-based service, provides high security effectiveness against advanced threats.
The Difference: SonicWALL Capture, a cloud-based service is available with TZ300. This
service is not available with TZ 205 and TZ 215 firewalls.


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