Are Remote Workers Better Workers?

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Are Remote Workers Better Workers?


The debate surrounding remote working is hotly contested. Most employees are in favour of remote working, thanks to the benefits it can bring. In fact, research shows that 87% of full-time workers do or want to work flexibly. Furthermore, 93% of people that are not currently working wish to find a job that offers flexibility. However, do businesses trust their employees enough to allow remote working?


Why Employees Want Remote Working

The demand for remote working continues to grow, with no surprises as remote working can bring benefits such as;

  • Better management of work/life balance;
  • Ability to handle child and pet care;
  • Greater accessibility;
  • Improved mobility;
  • Less challenging commutes;
  • Ability to achieve career goals;
  • Ongoing financial stability in retirement/part-time options;
  • Increased productivity.


Should your Business Offer Remote Working?

With demand for remote work rising, it may become essential for your business to offer remote working so that you can attract and retain talent. Many employees will see remote working as an advantage. This may give a competitor the edge meaning you lose out on promising employees.

Furthermore, remote working actually offers business benefits too. Remote working advocates such as Richard Branson believe that flexible working can increase productivity, engagement and save companies money in office space as well as lowering the carbon footprint.

Further studies show that remote working saves around £1,400 per employee in furniture and equipment costs. As well as this, remote workers are shown to be more productive, less distracted and are 50% less likely to quit. Perhaps most importantly, remote workers are happier. Business leaders know happy employees are crucial to the future success of the organisation.

So, if you want to increase productivity and employee satisfaction, remote working is an excellent place to start, but be warned. 90% of remote workers plan to work remotely for the rest of their careers, so you must ensure that your remote working system is capable and well-managed to keep remote working part of your business and future growth strategy.



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