And Some Leaked NVIDIA TITAN X Benchmarks Have Appeared

August 2nd, 2016 by Mark Daly in Industry News No Comments »

Most gamer’s aren’t likely to have the spare cash to drop on a TITAN X. Those that do know what they’re getting: the single most powerful GPU for gamer’s and consumers today.

But there’s one question: just how much faster is the latest generation of NVIDIA’s TITAN X? The card hasn’t officially launched yet, but some benchmarks have popped online. Good news: it’s decently faster.

I say the word decently, and not significantly, because the TITAN X isn’t a completely superior card in all aspects. The TITAN X has 3854 CUDA cores to the GTX 1080’s 2560, but the TITAN X has slower base and boost clock speeds (1417MHz/1531MHz to 1607MHz/1733MHz respectively).

Videocardz has managed to get their hands on some 3D Mark Fire Strike scores comparing NVIDIA’s Pascal-series against each other, including the TITAN X. There’s no other benchmarks available right now, and synthetic tests such as 3D Mark are obviously not as useful as real-world tests. But it does provide a reference point for those fortunate enough to be even considering shelling out $1400 or more for the GPU.

And Some Leaked NVIDIA TITAN X Benchmarks Have Appeared ilicomm Technology Solutions

There are plenty of other caveats with this performance too. We don’t know what the base specifications of the computer were, so it’s difficult to really frame these new scores against the measurements I have for the GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080. But as it stands, we’re looking at about roughly 1.3x the performance of a reference GTX 1080 at stock speeds.

Given that you can get partner GTX 1080 boards with slightly better performance from just over $1100, paying at least 30% more — if not closer to 40% depending on the retailer — is a tough ask. We’ll see how the TITAN X shakes out in the real world after the launch, but for now these figures give everyone something to ponder.


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